Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My Very Own Baked Fish and Veggies

My Recipe for Baked Fish and Veggies

This recipe is very easy! I just threw it together last night.


2 Tilapia fish fillets (washed)
Soy Sauce
La Choy Brand Sweet and Sour Sauce
Salt and Pepper
Chopped Garlic
Sliced Bell Peppers
Sliced Mushrooms
Sliced Onions
Olive Oil


Heat oil in a non-stick pan on medium-high heat
Add the garlic to the heated oil - fry
Add the sliced onions - fry for a bit
Add the sliced bell peppers and mushrooms
Sprinkle the salt and pepper over (stirring constantly)
Add the soy sauce and Sweet and Sour sauce
Fry for a little bit
add the fish and fry for a little bit on both sides
Get a glass oven tray
place the fish on the bottom of the tray
spread the veggies and sauces over the top of the fish
place in oven at 350 degrees for about 10 - 15 min

serve with steamed white rice


note: serves 2 people


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