Monday, March 19, 2007

My Very Own Meat Pasta

My Very Own Recipe for Meat Pasta

any type of pasta you like
ground beef
tomato sauce (you can either use a jarred one, or you can use my recipe)
Shredded Cheese (mozzarella is the best)

Ground Beef Prep:
Chop some onions
heat it in olive oil
add the beef and brown it
don't forget the salt!

Tomato Sauce Prep:
chop a bunch of tomatoes
heat the tomatoes in a pot
add tomato paste and water
make a thick sauce
can add cream cheese to eat to make it extra creamy
add the beef to the sauce

Boil the pasta
add the saucy beef to it in an oven safe tray
pour the cheese over it
put it in the oven at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes

when done leave it out for about 5-10 minutes

eat with garlic bread and a salad


My Very Own Meat Balls

My Very Own Recipe for Meat Balls

recipe coming soon.....!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My Very Own Chicken and Veggies Kabob

My Recipe for Chicken and Veggies Kabob

this is the unfinished ready to be cooked product

It's all in the marinade folks!

My philosophy is just stick everything you can imagine into the marinade and it is sure to turn out good =D

Marinade Ingredients:

Chopped onions

Chopped Chili

Teriyaki Sauce
Sri Racha Sauce (not too much)

Red Pepper (ground)



Mix it all together - rub it over boneless chicken

Cut the following veggies into 1" squares:

(you can also add other types of veggies if you wish)

Bell Pepper

Cut the chicken into 1" squares as well and stick back into marinade with the Veggies in a bowl

Put the bowl into the refrigerator for at least one hour

Now alternate putting the veggies and chicken pieces onto the sticks

Now place on BBQ or stick in oven enjoy!

voilĂ  !